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AUTOTalent Visits Tecnocraft Facilities

AutoTalent Tecnocraft visit 2009 
Supercharged M3 with Tecnocraft Carbon Fiber
AutoTalent Tecnocraft
Engine Bay by Tecnocraft / AutoTalent Concepts
Monday, February 1, 2010
Same@Autotalent made his way to our facilities to showcase the G-Power Supercharged E9X ///M3. Needless to say the vehicle is blisteringly quick with linear acceleration feel. When rounding off the kit, we had noticed that the wet laid carbon bits in the engine bay (in place of the OEM intake box) match up quite well with our dry carbon products when paired together.

Many of the TECNOCRAFT E9X ///M3 Dry Carbon bits are compatible with numerous aftermarket supercharger setups and intake systems to provide "complete looks" under the hood.

Carbon Fiber / Carbon Kevlar Engine bay for E9X ///M3

by Tecnocraft 

Carbon Fiber Tecnocraft Cover M3

Carbon Kevlar Tecnocraft BMW M3 / E3 

Carbon Kevlar Engine Bay by Tecnocraft Products

Install Carbon Fiber Kevlar BMW E9 / M3 project

We have also just finished finalizing the design of the E9X ///M3 Auxiliary Access Cover (left engine bay) and the E9X ///M3 Headlight Access Covers (pair) which have made their way to our composites division. Production pieces should be appearing shortly for our development vehicles and new product photos will be available as soon as possible. It is speculation with TECNOCRAFT staff that the headlight access covers will be compatible with all E9X 335i 3-series' as well.

Major BMW Product Development Update!

Tecnocraft Envy Mounting Hardware System 

Tecnocraft Envy Mounting Hardware System

Tecnocraft Evny Hardware Install Pre-cover state

Envy Mount System pre-Envy cover State : correct setup  by Tecnocraft

Envy Manifold Cover Inside View

  • Envy Manifold Cover Inside View / Carbon Kevlar Available



Carbon Fiber Engine Bay

Carbon Kevlar Engin Bay

As development continues on the E9X M3 platform, TECNOCRAFT staff has since released a few new and exciting products. The ENVY system is finally complete as consumers can readily core exchange their OEM (complete) BMW Intake Manifolds to be outfitted and equipped with the ENVY Intake Manifold Cover.

Details: TECNOCRAFT E9X M3 ENVY Equipped Manifold
-100% Dry Carbon Construction using HMR (Honeycomb Matrix Reinforced) center core allows an extremely solid strength increase.
-Extra volume, capacity increase of over .45liters (largest available)
-100% bolt-on fitment to OEM locations and mounting positions.
-TECNOCRAFT Strength Rods are fully CNC-machined (T6 aircraft grade aluminum) to spec in order to support height/volume increase within the manifolds.
-Design heritage from OEM BMW M3 style cues (///M power bulge hood and Z4 ///M rear).
-ENVY System FINAL Centerpiece: Function and Form to complete performance and aesthetic appeal of E9X ///M3 Intake Development.

NOTE: ENVY Equipped manifolds CANNOT be reverted back to stock as the ENVY Intake Manifold Cover is not a 'simple cover over the OEM unit'. OEM Manifolds are carefully taken apart and outfitted with the ENVY Manifold Cover with extremely high durability, high eat aircraft grade epoxy. Unit must be installed and or epoxied together with extreme care in order to avoid mechanical issues with the vehicle pre and post-installation.

***Dynamometer tests and upcoming performance track days are scheduled in order to verify gains and durability of this product. Stay tuned.***


uesday, December 1, 2009
***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 12/01/09***
TECNOCRAFT (http://www.tecnocraft.com) and its staff are proud to announce our newly founded official dealer relationship with Underground Racing (http://undergroundracing.com) and its owner Kevin Howeth for the local distribution and support of TECNOCRAFT brand products.

While probably not a surprise, the deal was sealed over a pair of sexy 'Tecnocraft "T1" Racing Seats which are now on their way to being an in-house demo product for Underground - one of the few Tecnocraft products a consumer can actually touch, feel, weigh and most importantly, "fit".

TECNOCRAFT is a US based manufacturer of quality dry carbon product, especially with exotic pre-preg carbon. Our promise to provide "100% Dry Carbon Performance. No Compromises" is extended to those within a trusted and selected dealer network. Our high-end product line encompasses Lamborghini, Porsche, Lotus, BMW and many other automobile marques open to prototype development in both CNC Billet machined and dry carbon product - all in house.

Underground Racing is well established within the exotic consumer market as manufacturers of custom and reliable 'boosted performance' packages for Lamborghini, Dodge Viper, Ford GT, and much more...most UR systems are easily seen breaking the +1000WHP barrier while maintaining a "daily driven" experience. URs performance systems most memorable speed exploitation was seen during its 241MPH+ Texas Mile Speed Runs in Lamborghini Gallardos.

"To establish a business relationship with Underground Racing is a major advancement of where we would like our dry carbon product to be showcased - in the exotic high performance arena. We can make them light, they can make them fast and we can both be reliable." - Steve, Tecnocraft

We would like to thank Kevin and the Underground Racing staff for the product distribution opportunity and look forward to any future dry carbon development projects they may have in mind. If there are any questions related to Tecnocraft product, please feel free to contact either of us below for support.



[DYNO VIDEO] Tecnocraft E9X M3 Envy Intake System

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few cold, hard facts, to keep in mind when taking in this dyno information:

-Gintani Motorsports (GINTANI) is based in Van Nuys, CA and has increasing brand reputation for building beautiful, reliable and downright powerful supercharger systems for BMWs, and specifically ///M3s of all flavors. Dyno runs were completely supervised by Gintani owner, Alex, with a few other key eyewitnesses to the dyno runs. Upon arrival, Alex immediately stated, "Good luck on my dyno."

-Dynos were performed with only two kinds of filters, stock and aFe, a BMC filter was not attainable at time of dyno, and to our shock was left out of the dyno tests (even though it is blatantly advertised with the ENVY™ system package).

-After dyno calibration, verified by Alex to be correct against the 3 other E9X ///M3s that were at the location, the car was cooled for 30 minutes.

-Dyno runs were then performed ALL in a row, with matching "cool times" between each series of runs when changing intake parts.

-The video was filmed completely straight through, but edited to be under 6 minutes.

TECNOCRAFT E92 ///M3 Project - A Performance Oriented Buildup

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
///M cars are solidly built, though we've found lots of room for improvement. This is a performance oriented Tecnocraft build as we're looking to revamp the entire M3 intake system for more horsepower, less heatsoak, and 100% dry carbon.




More to come soon. Please follow along in our thread at LUXURY4PLAY.COM.

TECNOCRAFT.COM - LIVE w/ E-Commerce Solutions

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tecnocraft staff has been diligently working on bringing updated pictures, an online catalog, and an e-commerce shopping cart solution available for brand enthusiasts. We are proud to announce that we've completed all of the above in our newly revamped "TECNOCRAFT 2.0" website. Customers now have the ability to purchase goods directly through our website while having confidence in their orders being protected by the latest SSL online certificates.

Meanwhile, please keep up-to-date with fresh Tecnocraft with our online blog recent project collaborations, event appearances, and vehicle build testimonials. We're hoping to catch you on the open road soon.

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