Tecnocraft Ford GT Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

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Ford GT Dry Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
As high velocity air moves from front to rear, vehicle aerodynamics become increasingly important in terms of road stability. Our honeycomb reinforced dry carbon rear diffuser for the Ford GT helps to channel high velocity air from underneath the vehicle into smoother flowing venturi channels, improving aerodynamics at high speeds, and complementing any additional aerodynamic wings. With the ultra-lightweight benefits of pre-preg dry carbon fiber our rear diffuser is designed to replace the factory rear diffuser and upgrades the rear aesthetics aggressively.

- Honeycomb Matrix Reinforced (HMR) pre-preg dry carbon fiber construction
- Superior strength and durability when compared to PUR or ABS
- Improved high speed lateral stability
- Available in natural dry carbon fiber or carbon kevlar finish
- Finished in a UV-protected glossy clearcoat
- Retains factory Ford GT OEM fitment

About Tecnocraft
About: For nearly two decades the Tecnocraft lineage, heritage, and experience has embraced a singular philosophy rivaling only that of Formula One, Military Defense, and Aerospace carbon composite manufacturing: "function over form". Tecnocraft brand products are specifically developed for the exotic aftermarket niche - a chosen challenge by our in-house design team to continually meet the demands and expectations of the most discerning consumers in the motorsport industry today.