Tecnocraft Ford GT Dry Carbon Rear Window Garnish Upgrade

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Tecnocraft Ford GT Dry Carbon Rear Window Garnish Upgrade
The Tecnocraft Ford GT Rear Window Garnish upgrade is a 3 piece assembly that a nice subtle upgrade from the factory plastic pieces that are prone to heat warping. The Ford GT’s mid-engine compartment is a beautifully laid out mechanical masterpiece in itself… The Tecnocraft Rear Window Garnish is more or less that perfect “picture frame” for that perfect “work of art.” There is not a better way of showcasing your engine bay.

Tecnocraft on the Ford GT program
Produced to the highest standards, The Tecnocraft Carbon fiber program is very different from most other Carbon Fiber products available. Made entirely of Pre-Preg Composite, our carbon fiber pieces are often described as “artwork for exotics.” Our highly skilled team of fabricators and designers pride themselves on the years of experience building trophy winning race cars in prior lives and being able to apply it to everyday road going exotics here with Tecnocraft. With a strong team of former professional race car fabricators, you can expect Tecnocraft to give more consideration to weight reduction and strength than pretty much anybody else in the industry. Everything made here at Tecnocraft, is 100% made here in the USA.

The Tecnocraft Ford GT carbon program is unmatched by anything offered by the competition. Using the best pre-preg carbon fiber materials available, Tecnocraft only produce pieces to the highest standards. The Ford GT is a truly exceptional vehicle. In our opinion, the Ford GT is one of the best cars to be born out of Detroit. A vehicle with such a strong racing heritage deserves nothing less than the best available pre-preg carbon fiber.