Tecnocraft Bentley Supersports Front Bumper Splitter

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  • $2,199.99

This prepreg carbon front splitter designed by Tecnocraft for the Bentley Supersports has a dual level wedge shape and it compliments the Bentley short overhang front bumper.

The wedge shape and dual level design extends further beyond the front mass of the bumper to provide excellent down force and more aggressive styling element. This dry carbon fiber splitter was made to cover the underside of the front bumper for adherence to the basic principles of aerodynamic functionality in channeling air accordingly beneath the Bentley as well as over it.

This Tecnocraft splitter will increases structural stiffness, while creating some frontal down force. Great care and attention to detail was taken into designing this front splitter to match the expressive lines in this Bentley. The prepreg carbon utilized is a high quality composite material that is lighter and more rigid than anything else currently available on the market.

Available in the natural dry carbon fiber finish which can be used to paint match to your vehicle, or for an additional $300 we can add a UV-protected glossy clearcoat finish.