Tecnocraft Bentley SuperSports Trunk Spoiler

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  • $1,499.99

Tecnocraft Composites created this trunk spoiler for the Bentley Supersports to give some balance to the front splitter we attached to this supercar.

This trunk spoiler is fabricated in only the best prepreg carbon composites, with a honeycomb core that adds more rigidity.

It definitely gives a wider look and emphasis to the rear end of this Bentley. This trunk spoiler gives more definition to the fluid lines that were styled into the back of the supercar. We recommend painting this part to match however; leaving the prepreg carbon exposed will surely enhance the sportiness of the back end of this Bentley. The shapes incorporated into this spoiler follow the basic cut lines in the trunk and within the rear bumper. Comes complete with the UV-protected glossy clearcoat finish.