Tecnocraft Lamborghini Gallardo Dry Carbon Fiber Front Bumper

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  • $4,499.99

Tecnocraft Composites is proud to present the world’s lightest and strongest front bumper for your Lamborghini Gallardo 1st generation. This prepreg carbon fiber bumper was engineered to provide more cooling to the front of the Gallardo, as well as incorporate a small splitter to increase downforce. The utmost attention to detail was utilized in fabricating this front bumper. Aerodynamic principles were applied to all areas of the bumper’s redesign. One small but significant design elements is the side vent incorporated into the bumper. It was made so that the hot air exiting the radiators is given a higher velocity exit, increasing the radiators’ efficiency. We extended the length of the nose of the bumper for an improved look and to increase the effect of the integrated front splitter.

The design utilizes prepreg carbon cloth as well as reinforced honeycomb layers to ensure the utmost in rigidity, strength and lightness.