Tecnocraft Lamborghini Gallardo Dry Carbon Fiber GT Front Splitter

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Aerodynamic principles, specifically the Italian Bernoulli Effect, mandate that while a vehicle is in motion, air molecules are traveling above and below but create differences in air pressure that can negatively provide lift to a car. Tecnocraft developed dry carbon GT Front Splitter's effectively channel incoming air naturally upwards and over an already aerodynamic Lamborghini Gallardo, increasing air molecule velocity above to combat a high-pressure lift environment below. Natural Lamborghini Gallardo design cues were accentuated in the development of the Tecnocraft GT Front Splitter while also providing much needed aerodynamic performance for confident spirited driving. Also compatible with both the Tecnocraft dry carbon Aerodynamic Underbody Panels and Tecnocraft GT Front Splitter for the Lamborghini Gallardo.


- Honeycomb Matrix Reinforced (HMR) pre-preg dry carbon fiber construction
- Superior strength and durability when compared to PUR or ABS
- Enhanced front-end downforce for increased lateral stability
- Aggressive accentuated styling
- Available in natural dry carbon fiber or carbon kevlar finish
- Installation manuals and additional hardware included.
- Retains factory Lamborghini Gallardo OEM fitment
- Note: Professional installation highly recommended