Tecnocraft Lamborghini Gallardo Four Point Harness Bar

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For Lamborghini owners looking to take their Gallardo’s to the next level of safety during any road-racing or spirited driving events, Tecnocraft presents the world’s first and only industry-standard commercial harness bar system in the world. Our harness bar assembly specifically contours to the Gallardo interior, maintaining rear hatch-access control, OEM seatbelt usage, and maximum T1 seat (LG-RS001C) adjustability and clearance, while bolting straight through the vehicle frame in factory locations. Safety and strength are displayed throughout the intricate design of the harness system, from its LG-BR001 floor bracket mounting support bars, to the “no compromise” inclusion of Carbon/Kevlar self-lubricating spherical rod ends for easy adjustability and final system installation. The Tecnocraft Gallardo 4-Pt. Racing Harness Bar Assembly is the ultimate display of consumer dedication to safe and spirited Lamborghini driving experiences.


- Specifically for use with LG-RS001C racing seats and LG-BR001 ONLY.
- Mounts directly to LG-BR001 floor bracket assembly
- Powdercoat color-match (optional)
- (1) 1.5”OD 4130 Chromoly Main Harness Support Bar (Schroth Racing Harnesses are the preferred safety harnesses for use w/ Tecnocraft (LG-HN001)
(4) 3/4”OD 4130 2L/2R Chromoly Support bars (w/ Self-Lubricating Carbon/Kevlar Race, Spherical Rod Ends) for mounting to (LG-BR001) floor brackets
- (4) Aluminum ‘O’ Type Belt Clamps

*Due to the unforeseen liability concerns upon installing any Tecnocraft Safety Equipment, including LG-RS001C, LG-BR001, and LG-HN001, PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and products are understood by consumer to be OFF-ROAD USE ONLY upon purchase.