Tecnocraft E9X ///M3 Envy™ RAM Air Scoop

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ENVY™ RAM Air Scoop
-Stage 1 of the ENVY™ intake system is a direct drop-in replacement of the plastic OEM intake bridge on E9X ///M3s. With a more highly effective design versus factory, especially at speed, the ENVY’s RAM Air Scoop ensures that a large volume of air can be force fed into a starved intake system. Also, since the RAM Air Scoop is fabricated in 100% DRY CARBON the goal was to maximally enhance airflow dynamics conforming to the tight space tolerances behind the ///M3 kidney grilles. Rest assured this goal was achieved and the largest RAM Air Scoop in the market for the E9X ///M3s are now readily available.

Tecnocraft introduces its first major step into European mass-market product in their release of the TECNOCRAFT E9X ///M3 ENVY™ Intake System. Designed from the ground up, all in-house, with a performance build strictly in mind, our dry carbon fabrication team set to work in producing the most comprehensive quality intake system BMW E92 ///M3 owners (and would-be owners) have ever seen. And with the consumer in mind, this completely modular system consisting of four, separate and equally functional, pieces fabricated in 100% Dry Carbon (or in Carbon/Kevlar special edition for an added cost) can find its way into your ///M engine bay over time.

With organic design elements taken from the highly praised TECNOCRAFT Lamborghini Gallardo ‘Hi-Flow Intake System’, keeping optimal airflow dynamics was a primary concern – having also been developed in 100% Dry Carbon, our intake systems are natural heatshields and do their part to greatly reduce heatsoak. All parts of the ENVY™ system have been enlarged by at least 30% in volume, designed with smoothly transitions, and reduced in weight (if not all three at the same time) to ensure every ounce of horsepower can be gained while naturally aspirated.

The TECNOCRAFT E9X ///M3 ENVY™ Intake System is aptly named and priced quite right for the discerning E9X M3 owner – have the most complete and comprehensively designed, 100% Dry Carbon intake system in the BMW aftermarket and make all the rest of them jealous. Available today at http://www.tecnocraft.com or at your local TECNOCRAFT dealer.