Tecnocraft Mercedes C63 Dry Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Spoiler

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Mercedes C63 Dry Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Spoiler
Tecnocraft Composites designed this front lip spoiler for the Mercedes C63 to add an aggressive look to your vehicle while reducing airflow under the car, increasing front-end downforce, and improving handling and high-speed stability.

Our spoiler is fabricated with only the best prepreg carbon composites, with a honeycomb core that adds more rigidity. It definitely gives a wider look while emphasizing the lines of the front facia.

- Prepreg carbon composite construction
- Honeycomb core that adds more rigidity
- Shapes incorporated into this spoiler follow the basic cut lines of the front fascia.

About Tecnocraft
About: For nearly two decades the Tecnocraft lineage, heritage, and experience has embraced a singular philosophy rivaling only that of Formula One, Military Defense, and Aerospace carbon composite manufacturing: "function over form". Tecnocraft brand products are specifically developed for the exotic aftermarket niche - a chosen challenge by our in-house design team to continually meet the demands and expectations of the most discerning consumers in the motorsport industry today.